Taman Buaya Melaka, also known as the Malacca Crocodile Park, has been in operation since July 1987. Located opposite the famous Zoo Melaka, Taman Buaya Melaka sprawls over 3.5 hectare of reserved forest land and is home to about 100 species of crocodiles and alligators from around the world and they are kept in an atmosphere that is almost equal to their habitat.  The following are the few species that can be found in Taman Buaya Melaka:

  • Estuarine / Salt Water Crocodile / Crocodylus Porosus (Our Local Crocodile)
  • False Gavial (Our Local Crocodile)
  • Crocodylus Siamensis
  • Spectacled Caiman
  • Indian Marsh Mugger Crocodile
  • American Alligator
Visitors are invited to watch the live Croc’s Show presented by the seasoned performer on every Saturday, Sunday, School Holiday and Public Holiday at 11.30am and 2.30pm.

Besides live Croc’s Show, Taman Buaya Melaka now have new attractions such as Malaysia In Miniature, Aviary Bird Park, Reptile House, Mamalia House and Water Recreation Park.

Malaysia In Miniature

Malaysia In Miniature was build with 13 replica of historical monument as a symbolic of 13 famous attractions in Malaysia. Among the famous attractions are the Keris (a Malay weapon), A Famosa and Stadthuys (our very own attractions in Malacca), Building of Parliament, Building of Perdana Putra (Federal Government Administrative Centre ), Palace of Justice, Sepang F1 Circuit, Rafflesia Flower, National Monument, National Mosque, Petronas Twin Tower, KL Tower and Penang Bridge.

Aviary Bird Park

Visitor can walkthrough the Aviary Bird Park with beautiful scenery in the house for birds of many species such as the San Conure, Love Birds and many more.

Reptile House

Besides crocodile and alligator, visitors can also visit the Reptile House to see other reptilian such as Long Neck Turtle, Alligator Fish, Chinese Water Dragon, King Cobra, Alligator Snapping Turtle and others.

Mamalia House

Mamalia House is home to various mammalian such as Raccoon, South American Coati and Brazilian Green Iguana.

Water Recreation Park

The Water Recreation Park is the latest addition to Taman Buaya Melaka.  Open to all, the Water Recreation Park has an area of 6000 square feet and a depth of between 1.5” and 2.5”.  Best recommended for family outings and children who want to play around with water.

Other attractions in Taman Buaya Melaka  include a fun ride, fun games, haunted house and Trains Ride into Jurassic World.



Address: Taman Buaya Melaka, Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Ayer Keroh
GPS Coordinate: N 2.275781,E 102.297247

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Operation Hour

Open daily from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.


Admission Fee

Adult – RM10 (Crocodile Park & Water Recreation), RM5 (Crocodile Park only)
Children – RM 6 (Crocodile Park & Water Recreation), RM3 (Crocodile Park only)

Special packages are available for group visits and corporate events.  For booking, please click here.


Contact Details

Taman Buaya & Rekreasi (Melaka) Sdn Bhd
Pusat Pelancongan Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka.

Tel: 06 – 232 2349 / 232 2350
Fax: 06 – 231 9136