Coming to Melaka, if you’re a non-Halal visitor, satay celup is a must-eat. In fact, till now, I still believe good satay celup can only be found in Melaka, and nowhere else, unless I’m proven wrong one day. Never leave Melaka without eaten the savory satay celup.

There are a number of satay celup shops in Melaka, but Capitol Satay Celup at Lorong Bukit Cina and Ban Lee Hiang (万里香) at Jalan Ong Kim Wee are the 2 most talk-about ones.

Capitol Satay Celup

Capitol Satay Celup

If you ask me which is the best satay celup in Melaka, my personal ultimate preference goes to Capitol Satay Celup, the pioneer of satay celup in Melaka, and remains good until today.

What is Satay Celup?

No surprise, there are still a lot of non-Malaccan Malaysians uninitiated about what exactly satay celup is. I’ve got a number of friends visited Melaka, and asked me how satay celup looks like, before I brought them to indulge the savory and to-die-for delicacy.

With layman descriptions in Malaysian’s context, satay celup is served and eaten like lok lok and steamboat, except the main difference in sauce. Instead of a boiling pot of soup, satay celup is cooked by dipping or dunking sticks of raw foods into boiling pot of aromatically rich and spicy peanut sauce.

Capitol Satay Celup - Sticks of Foods

Capitol Satay Celup - Dipping Sticks of Foods into Boiling Peanut Satay Sauce

There are a wide variety of raw foods available for selection, such as prawns, vegetables, pork, chicken, beef, fishballs, quail’s eggs, cockles, squids, pig’s liver, braised pig’s ears, Taiwanese sausages, and many more to complement the terrific sauce.

Choose Your Foods, and Pay for What You Ate

You’re given full flexibility and freedom to choose any type of food, and only pay for what you’ve eaten.
The price for each stick of foods is RM0.80, regardless of what you take. This is still relatively cheap, considering the lok lok in Klang Valley and Subang could easily cost you RM1.20 each; and yet Melaka satay celup tastes heavenly great.

Some of the foods, like century eggs, are served in small plates instead of satay stick. Foods in plate are priced differently, according to the plate colour.

Things I Like at Capitol Satay Celup

At Capitol Satay Celup, the prawns taste exceptionally sweet! Whenever I’m there, I will surely eat at least 15 sticks of prawns. It takes a simple rule-of-thumb to preserve the natural sweetness of cooked prawns. Prawn doesn’t take long time to be cooked in boiled water. So, I only dipped the prawns into the boiling satay sauce for about 2 minutes. And I don’t cook too many sticks at a time – just about 2 sticks of prawns per person at each round. After 2 minutes, the shell-peeled-off prawns are just nicely cooked, and yet natural sweetness is preserved. uuuuhhmp… simply drooling.

Peanut sauce is a killing factor for satay celup. No matter how fresh the raw foods are, if the peanut sauce is not nicely blended, everything will be turned down. The boss and his staffs at Capitol Satay Celup are very customer-oriented. Realising the importance of the peanut sauce, the crew will consistently go to each table to blend the sauce with sufficient amount of savors and peanuts. They are very skillful, and the sauce will consistently stay at the satisfying level of thickness throughout your meal. Just nice.

Besides, you will also be given “mystery gifts” after consuming to a certain amount. The crew will constantly bring out some seafoods like big prawns and scallops, and distribute them, while charging the same flat rate. Imagine RM0.80 for a big prawn!

Capitol Satay Celup Hall of Fame

With their advantage as a pioneer, and flock of food lovers dedicating great testimonials, Capitol Satay Celup has gotten a comprehensive media coverage over tens of years. Some of these media exposures are featured on their wall of fame.

Expect to Queue

Capitol Satay Celup is always full of crowds, especially during weekends and public holidays. Thus, be prepared to queue, even at 10pm. Some people who are not willing to queue might be frustrated.

Business Hour

Capitol Satay Celup opens at 5.30PM, till late night when the last customer left, and closes on every Monday.


Address: Capitol Satay Celup, 41, Lorong Bukit Cina, Melaka

GPS Coordinate: N2.19516 E102.25229

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